Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cards I Received From The Angels, In Order, In Order

Bobby Cramer. He looks glum. I have no idea who he is. This card is a black retail quasi-parallel. I like these.

Jose Garcia. I have no idea who he is. According to, he tossed 11 innings for the Fish in 2006 and was out of baseball after 2008.

Lance Lynn. He'd be a strong Rookie of the Year candidate had he not spent too much time on the big league roster last year, despite much of it being as a member of the disabled list.

Shaun Marcum. He's a short print. He pitches for a rival.

David Ortiz. He's on the DL. This is a 2008 Heritage insert. I hadn't knocked a 2008 Heritage card off my want list in a long, long time. I still need some inserts, some SPs and strangely a few base cards.

Mark Teixeira. Can anyone tell me why he has two base cards in the 2011 Heritage set? No?

Thanks again to The Angels, In Order. Go check out his new blog which is about about a set released in the mid-'90s, a very curious time in our culture indeed. You might be able to win stuff.

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