Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gypsy Cards

I participated in another group break last month, and you're about to see some scans of some cards from said break. The Daily Dimwit was the host and 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen was the main attraction. My second team was the Blue Jays, but the bulk of those goodies (including a Ricky Romero jersey card) are soon to be on their way to a country up north.

I managed to hit on three of the framed parallels, which are my favorite thing about this Gypsy Queen set. I didn't care for last year's design at all, but this year's design is a little bit better. These framed cards are on par with the Upper Deck Masterpieces set. Incidentally, there were some 2008 Masterpieces in this break as well, but I didn't end up with anything that I felt like sharing here.

David Freese is in the throes of arbitration negotiations right now. He'll probably get a decent chunk of change for someone who has been hurt as often as he has. MLB Network is on an almost endless loop of countdown shows and highlights right now, and Mr. Freese has been featured often as his heroics of 2011 are still fresh in most memories.

More Gibby. These are good looking inserts.

This is the more common "gold" frame version of the card I showed earlier. I don't see how this color could actually be consider gold.

To say the world lost a baseball legend over the weekend would be a vast understatement. Musial was one of the very best players of all-time, on a tier that most professional athletes that perform in my lifetime will never be able to reach. I didn't do a tribute post because it feels funny to write about someone who played generations before I ever considered watching a game, but if you read up on his life and legacy you'll see that it's impressive in an almost unparalleled way.

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  1. I've tried my best to avoid all Gypsy Queen posts for the last year. I think they're beautiful cards - I prefer their look to A&G. But I can't get too in love with how they look, so I avoid them. I'm crazy.


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