Monday, January 14, 2013

Smarter Than Your Average Trade

Joe Average Card Collector (you guessed it) sent some cards over this way last month, including many players that Erin collects. I was generous enough to help get her player collection lists online way ahead of my own, except the Edmonds list that I've had going for a couple of years now. I plan on finally getting my Ozzie Smith collection online soon and am assigning myself a goal of "by the end of the month". We'll see. \

In the meantime, fellow traders have been hitting up those lists, which is alright with me. I have a feeling that when all is said and done, I'm going to end up with a lot of Tulo and Lincecum doubles, but oh well. There's always Listia, right? In any case, JACC sent some big winners.

I've been on a Finest kick lately. Finest is like Chrome if Chrome was at least daring enough to try its own design on for size. Sometimes the designs work and sometimes they don't. I'm not sure how I feel about this '08 design. It's not my favorite, I guess, but I am sure my feelings would be different if I was staring a shiny refractor in the face.

You can tell this is a very early Tim Lincecum card because he looks like he's 11 instead of 12. The logo tells me that it's a Pro Debut card, which I think is the minor league equivalent of rookie card. Maybe.

Finally, it's a Figgy relic! Speaking of Chone Figgins, one of my contest entrants recently commented about the mystery surrounding how someone from the NW could root for Figgins, who is probably one of the least popular Seattle Mariners of all-time. Well, there was a time when Figgins was actually a very useful player, an All-Star even (though the merits of All-Star selection can be questionable at times.) We're also not Mariners fans in this household, just baseball fans and appreciative of certain qualities in a player. It sucks that Figgins sucked in Seattle. Maybe he'll catch on somewhere else and be successful again. Then again, maybe not. It's tough to say.

Oh, and this is a Cardinals household, anyway. But you knew that already.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed, actually I held back your break cards a few days because I came across some more cards I wanted to add to your break loot. Hope you don't mind! Plus added a few Blazers and Beavers cards too!


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