Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pick 'Em Contest Results! 2013 Edition!

The College Bowl Pick 'Em Contest is finally over, and a winner is about to be crowned. Are you excited? I can tell you're excited! But first, check out this beauty that I picked up at a card show last month for $2... maybe? I don't remember. The Original Whizzinator was phenomenal in his two seasons at the University of Oregon, but he's best known for his shenanigans in Minnesota that led to an early exit from the NFL. Once a Duck, always a Duck, though. I couldn't resist this card.

Congratulations to Royal Dan, who took first place in this year's contest by scoring the most points with his 22 out of 35 correct picks. Yes, it was very close this year. Two entries contained 23 correct picks, but with  Yahoo's (probably) Patented Confidence System 6000, Danny won on points. He will receive a 2013 Topps Series 1 Blaster (when said things hit the shelves) and a team bag of goodies.

In second place was Wilson of Tenets of Wilson, who usually has nothing but snide comments for my Ducks in his weekly football rankings. That's okay, of course. We all make mistakes. (I will note that he finished in last place in last year's March Radness contest.) A big fat padded envelope of cards will be headed Matthew's way.

Speaking of last place, this year's "honor" goes to last year's winner: Rock Star Joseph. I don't really know what to make of this, but suffice it to say that Joe will be receiving some sort of "prize". This could possibly be items such as "all of my Ryan Howard cards" or "something sweaty that John Kruk used to wear". We'll see.

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  1. in lieu of my prize i'd like you to donate something to my "Let's Buy New Knees for Chase Utley" Kickstarter


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