Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Caught Some Kind of (Hi)Flew

I could make a Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever joke, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm here today to show off a bunch of cards that came in last month from the very generous hiflew of Cards from the Quarry. Hiflew has very thorough want lists, which I have finally finished up wading through myself. If you have extra Rockies in your household, I suggest that you get to work on checking them out.

The impetus of this trade was to hit up Erin's player collections, which are surprisingly Rockies-oriented for a Cardinals fan. She likes Holliday, Tulo and Larry Walker, and all of those players have played for the Rockies at some point. Even Chone Figgins came up through the Rockies system, though I'm not sure if he has any cards from way back then. According to some program I have, I actually saw Figgins play for a single-A team in Portland back in the day.

Topps Archives? Nah, think again. It's from that Trading Card History insert set that Topps put out in 2008. I had forgotten all about these. I wonder what Topps would do if they somehow lost the ability to use any of their previous designs for anything.

Ah, Topps Tek... so fun and so weird. I bet these aren't environmentally friendly. In fact, I'd have to say that the trading card industry is probably one of the least environmentally sound thing around. So wasteful. So pointless. (I'm such a hypocrite for doing this.)

What is going on behind Larry? Are those ghosts escaping from the ether? Is that a wicked thunderstorm? Is it an x-ray?

This is kind of minimalist. I miss Stadium Club.

Back to the retro theme here, as I think this is a throwback to an earlier Bowman design that I know nothing about.

I know that 1996 was the dawn of the Topps Chrome era, but I never want to see this design again. It is awful.

On the other hand, I almost always like Finest. This looks like it could be on a metal lunchbox.

The package wasn't all Colorado-y, which is good for my own collection. X-Fractors are the Hypnotoad of the baseball card world.

I'll never get tired of this picture!

Usually when you "swing for the fences" the result is not so good.

I like how the colored circles are just a bit off on this card.

I had been looking for this card for awhile. This is the last Cardinals card that I needed from the 2006 Opening Day set.

Finally, here's a very striking card from the 2006 Ultimate Collection set. It doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Yep, that 2006 Ultimate Collection Red a beauty of a card.

    I also really like how the circles are off on the 2008 Topps. I'd never seen that and only adds to an already striking set.

    My personal favorites of the cards you just landed are the Stadium Club (nice one!) and the Holiday done up in '71 style.


  2. Glad everything got there in good order and I am very happy you liked it.

    That Trading Card History insert set is one of my favorite insert sets of all time. It was in 2008 before the 2 years of CYMTO and Archives did every design to death. It was the first place I ever saw Gypsy Queen as well. That set will probably be able to show us Topps' next "new" throwback set after GQ gets canned.

    BTW, Figgins never did have a Rockies card. That Figgins for Kimera Bartee trade ranks right up there with the worst Rockies trades of all time. Ugh.


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