Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stylin' Sigs


Trades. You know you love 'em.

Resident Ken Griffey Jr enthusiast The Junior Junkie (not to be confused with Junkie Junior who appears to be the subject of an '80s heroin documentary) shared with me a mass of Cardinals cards young and old, from the late '80s to present day 2013. I've chosen to show a few here.

I wonder what exactly Rafael Furcal is up to. One of the sparkplugs of the 2011 team, Fookie managed to completely destroy his elbow and is presumed to be working at an airport somewhere, wishing a "happy flight!" to weary travelers.

This is one of those snazzy gold signature parallels from the omnipresent mid-'90s staple budget set, Collector's Choice. I don't have too many of these. But what is up with the signature there? There is no way that can be Geronimo Pena's. It looks more like "Sun Raina" with an oddly placed accent.

Now that's how you do a signature! Of course, Brian Jordan has his little helper peering over his shoulder whenever he has to perform even the most menial task, like tying his shoes. The autograph was a piece of cake.

TJJ also threw in a much needed 2009 Topps Propaganda card. Hey, in another 7 years I might actually be finished with this pesky little insert set!


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