Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trading with Reader Doug

Before we get to this year's Ginter offerings, here's a few blasts from the past.

Reader Doug exchanged a trade offer earlier this summer and, as is my usual M.O., I took entirely way too long to supply my end of the goods. Fortunately, that's finally behind us and I can show off my take without too much embarrassment.

Behold: The Modern Douchebag. This was an all-Ginter catch for me, and I received a number of inserts including a few of those fun Ascent of Man that got all of the fatcats at FOX News all in a huff.

Speaking of huff (?), here's beach volleyball studlady Kerri Walsh Jennings. Along with Walsh, there was a healthy stack of other 2007 Ginter singles that helped finally get me to a point where I need fewer base cards than I actually own. Not too shabby for a set that I've never bought any sort of box of.

I'm just gonna say it: these art cards are ugly. For the most part, I am a fan of Dick Perez's work with the classic Diamond Kings cards and even (some of) the Turkey Red cards that he did. The design here is just not doing these any favors. If I recall, the 2006 set is plagued with similar looking inserts. On the flipside, the newer Ginter sets are so overloaded with inserts now that I kind of miss the days that there were very few of these sorts of things to chase.

Token Cardinal Alert! Token Cardinal Alert! Thanks again to Doug for the trade!

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