Monday, March 10, 2014

March Radness is Real

You know it.

March Radness VI is very nearly upon us. This is Conference Tournament Week in college basketball, which means Selection Sunday is this Sunday. Soon, people will be calling in sick to work and frantically studying up on something they didn't care the slightest bit about for the past several months. For us, it means that it's almost contest time. I've sent out the Yahoo invites for previous entrants and will be providing juicy details here later for those who haven't participated before or at least didn't last year. UPDATE 03/12: We are using ESPN this year. Tell your friends. I can tell you that I am making some changes to the prize allocation (more winners!) but the top prize will be the same as it usually is: a brand spanking new Topps Heritage blaster! Or something similar if you hate Topps Heritage!

(h/t Erin for the photo from the truly excellent Ducks/Illini game at the Rose Garden last December.)


  1. It seems Yahoo has changed their game so that you have to provide a cell phone number in order to play. I'll have to reluctantly pass unless there is a way to sign up without doing that.

  2. I noticed that when I renewed the group this year, but didn't expect that it would make everyone go through that process. I am probably going to go with ESPN instead of Yahoo, which should hopefully only require a valid email address.

  3. Anyway that if somebody didn't participate last year, they could get in this year? I'd love to. Email is cameronclow12 AT


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