Monday, March 3, 2014

PWE Roundup: 2014 Topps Style

Another fresh set of envelopes hits the mailbox.

I've been more aggressive in my attempts to collect the various Cardinals cards from the flagship set this year. This doesn't mean that I particularly like the set. I'm just trying to stay a bit more on top of these things while people still have this set fresh in hand. I've made some trades lately that have included cards from 2014 Topps Series 1 and have also acquired a few plain white envelopes of the new stuff.

Pirates fan Big 44 Sports Cards sent over a Matt Carpenter Walmart parallel. Did you know that Matt Carpenter is my latest "player collection" player? It's mostly semantics at this point, since all of his cards to my knowledge have been in a Cardinals uniform or minor league affiliate, and I want all Cardinals cards anyway. This does, however, mean I will be tracking my progress on Zistle, and I'm actually starting to make some decent progress in getting all of my PCs cataloged so people will finally know what to send me. More on this later...

Jeff from One Man's Junk sent me some of his junk that even he deemed trash-worthy. This Shelby Miller The Future Is Now insert (and another unseen base card) made a couple of notches in my 2014 Topps team set quest.

And finally, I sent Giants fan extraordinaire ARPSmith some Giants inserts and he responded in kind with my first short print/variation type card of 2014. This Wainwright variation commemorates his Complete Game win in the deciding game of their Wild Card series with the Pirates last fall. It sadly feels like a lifetime ago right now.

I also received this so-called "red hot" foil Yadier Molina parallel. So many versions to collect! I'm giving this to Erin, so if anyone has another one, I would love to get my grubby mitts on it.

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