Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Radness Update

And some tall basketball players to boot!

We're through the first week of the NCAA tourney with action set to resume tomorrow. As has been the norm in recent years, there were many upsets and many busted brackets. My strategy of doing even less research than normal (which isn't much) has resulted in me doing even more poorly than usual, which I should have seen coming. Here are some other notable notes:

  • The legendary P00PSH00TER 2 is the overall leader, because of course! I have no actual idea who this is, though. It also begs the question - was P00PSH00TER already taken as a bracket name?
  • The Raz Card Blog and Roxfan17 have the highest overall PPR. I'm not exactly sure what PPR means, but I am guessing that it's the equivalent to Yahoo's total possible points. People that have the highest total possible points are usually sitting in better shape than the actual leaders, since you can really ruin your future score by overreaching (or under...) on a pick.
  • In Worst Place, and with pretty much no hope at this point, I'm sorry to say is Tribecards. As promised, this year's worst place "winner" is going to get something truly terrible. You guys may as well start emailing me with your list of things David really doesn't like. (Michigan Wolverines, maybe?)

Because this is a card blog and there must be cards to look at, here's another look at some cards that Howard has sent me. This is basically Part 2 of my last post.

Howard hit up the very beginning of my Portland Trail Blazers want list, by sending most of the Topps team set from their inaugural season. These cards are in tremendous shape for being nearly 45 years old! None of the players are depicted in actual Blazers uniform as they were just getting the franchise up and running at the time. Rick Adelman would play for a spell for Portland and would later become the head coach during one of the franchise's most successful runs, with two NBA Finals appearances and a franchise best 63-win season among his accomplishments.

Pat Riley?! This is actually one of the most expensive cards of the group, if not the most expensive. My knowledge of early hoops cards is pretty lacking, but I know this one commands some bucks. Riley never actually played for Portland, having been selected in the expansion draft from the then-San Diego Rockets before being sold to the Lakers before Portland's first season of play began. This wasn't as big as the team's whiff on Moses Malone, who they grabbed in the ABA merger before instantly trading him off. (They might have had some other whiffs, but I'm not going to talk about those.) The back of Riley's card, incidentally, claims his home as Portland which seems unlikely.

Schlueter is the only player in the '70-'71 tallboy lot that I have actually seen play in person... sort of. In the '80s and '90s he was a part of a locally traveling Blazers alumni team and I know I got to see him play in a high school gym or two against some faculty. My scanner ate part of his card's border.

The card backs are delightfully adorned with the old timey Topps cartoons that we all know and love.

The tallboy format (is that what we're calling it?) has been resurrected time and time again, and Howard sent me a few similarly sized cards from a couple of decades later.

I don't think I ever owned any NBA Jam Session cards until now, but I am happy to have them. I remember buying a couple of packs of NFL Game Day that came in the same size and then instantly being frustrated that I didn't have any appropriate Ultra Pro sheets for them to occupy.

Thanks again to Howard!


Swing And A Pop-up said...

The past three years I've picked a number 1 seed to win it all (this year, Witchita State)...and three years running my pick has been upset almost immediately.

hiflew said...

The past three seasons my national champ pick (Kentucky, Kentucky, Michigan) made the final four, winning once. They were seeded 4, 1, and 4 so twice I went out on a limb. This year I went out on a smaller limb with a #8 seed. I figured I might be out already, but my Wildcats pulled off a nice "upset" and I could have a decent shot at it again. Good luck everyone.

Jeff said...

There is usually one line every day that makes me laugh louder than any other. Today's was "was P00PSH00TER already taken as a bracket name?" Thank you for that.

Andy said...

I am the P00PSH00TER! Long time reader. I really enjoy reading your blog, even though I'm not much of a contributor. Thanks for having a contest!

Collective Troll said...

So i didnt fill out a bracket - never do, but we did have a pool at work to just pick the winner out right. I selected Oklahoma. I hadn't watched a college basketball game all year, but I like OU. Of course they were rolled by the mighty powerhouse that is North Dakota State in the first round. This is why i didn't bother to fill out a bracket... I know my weakneses well...
Anyway, real reason why I commented... How do you store yer "tall boys"? I collect '64 Topps Giants and even have a few '69-70 Tall Boy basketball cards... Never can find penny sleeves, top loaders, card pages, anything. Any suggestions? Thanx Kerry!

JediJeff said...

Here goes another Cards on Cards contest for me. In first or 2nd place before the final, and I'm going to once again fall out of a prize place. :(

Can we award prizes based on your position at the halfway point?

madding said...

Right now I am just storing the vintage "tall boys" in the top loaders they came in, without sleeves. I have a few Ultra Pro pages that fit that size for the newer (i.e. less valuable) cards and should probably get around to getting more. I'm not sure what to do with the more valuable cards yet, especially since a lot of the top loaders are old and yellowing. I've never been smart at figuring out what to do with oddball sized stuff.