Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mo' Po-lice

These are real teachable moments.

Reader Ray claimed a bunch of cards from my Cardinalpalooza extravaganza and was kind enough to send me another huge pile of regionally issued oddball cards. The police cards are back! I posted at length about (and lulled everyone to sleep) some of these team sets that I had acquired early last fall. Ray helped fill in a bunch more blanks, and I thought I'd show off some of the "new to me" designs.

This was the lone 1996 card in the package. I'm in favor of the batting bird logo, but there isn't much to like about the rest of this design.

Kansas City Life (that's who sponsored these fun pieces of ephemera) decided to go with a very '90s baseball card trope when they replicated a bunch of faded Jim Edmonds clones for the backdrop of this busy 2002 design. Still, it's a new Edmonds card for me!

It would have been cooler if they had simply put Y2K on the front. Though that would've been more topical in 1999 I suppose.

Oh, the fonts! They burn my eyes! So much so that I can't even make fun of the very 1990 color scheme used in 1998.

This isn't too far off the mark as it looks like one of those early '00s trading card game sets. Who the heck was Larry Sutton, though?

Scarsone is someone I've actually heard of, but I'm not really sure why. Certainly this is my first Cardinals card of his. This is the 1997 design. It's a little more official looking than some, though the player name font is straight out of some sort of '80s computer game manual.

Dude, that's like his biorhythm on his card. Totally.

The cartoons on the back and the various do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts, to be honest) are just more of the same. There were a few more pieces of advice that the police had to dole out than I had seen last time, including this very specific message for kids who hang out in antique stores, apparently.

Finally, Ray was one of the first two hit up my 10 Most Wanted list. I discovered that I was missing this technically-a-Cardinal-card Kip Wells wonder from 2007 Upper Deck recently when I noticed that I had a First Edition version in my binder. Whoops! I'm sure I'll discover more cards missing from my theoretical team sets in the coming weeks and months as I attempt to get more organized, but I guess that's all just part of the fun.

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