Monday, July 18, 2016

New School, Guys

New cards, fuzzy memories. 

Last month, Topps unleashed another round of their flagship set (Series Two) with another round of inserts. I've finally lined up a deal to get all the Cardinals base cards from the set I'm trying to ignore, but of course that leaves a lot of inserts to gather up. Darryl Strawberry enthusiast Peter sent over these Hallowed Highlights inserts from Series Two, which gives me a few less dumb things I need to track down.

The graphics on these cards are really in your face. They're not as bad as the '90s computer 3D modeling graphics from one of the insert designs from Series One, but they're not subtle.

Again, we see the Topps digital photo enhancer factory at work with this extra blurred background, altering what was probably a very fine archival baseball photo.

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