Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Just one All-Star nod for the Cardinals means I'm taking the year off from the farcical game. 

While it certainly seems like a down year for the Cardinals, there were a number of All-Star candidates on a team that has mostly been one of the top offenses in the league this year. Instead, only Matt Carpenter will be heading to San Diego next week, which gives me an excuse to not watch the game Bud Selig ruined long ago anyway. Instead, I will drown my sorrows in the latest stack of cards, which comes courtesy of 2x3 Heroes -- who will never snub you when it comes to sending a quality package of cards.

I don't think I was aware of the 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection set until recently, when I received this couple of cards from JediJeff as well as when I won an auction for the Jim Edmonds card. Reggie Sanders is easy to overlook for my collection when he's wearing a Pirates uniform, but the Cardinals logo is present and accounted for.

Here's a former All-Star on a photo variation version of his 2014 Gypsy Queen mini. Craig has just a handful of ABs this season, all in AAA where he currently resides on the Pawtucket Red Sox DL.

Former World Series winning left fielder turned radio host. I really like the 2003 Topps Heritage set and wish I owned more of it.

With Brandon Moss becoming the latest Cardinal to hit the DL, Adams will be counted on to play more. When he's on, he's really fun to watch, and I'm excited to add this jersey swatch card to my collection.

Otherwise, the option at 1B is Jedd Gyorko, I guess?

This silver Ozzie mini is numbered 133/199. Ozzie made a lot of All-Star starts, much to the chagrin of Barry Larkin fans.

Ryan Jackson seemed like he had a decent chance to emerge as the Next Cardinals Shortstop out of the group that at one time also included Pete Kozma, but he never hit much and didn't get a whole lot of looks at the big league level. He's played in both the Angels and Phillies minor league systems this season.

I think that Waino's ERA will be south of 4 by the time this season is all said and done and we'll have mostly forgotten about his ugly start to this season. I'm a believer.

I'm still trying to remember to buy Stadium Club cards that came out last year, but we already have another set upon us, apparently? This gold foil version of Kolten Wong's card is a nice drop in the bucket, in the meantime.

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  1. I hate that the game counts for something when even the worst of teams have to have a representative. The Pirates only got Melancon this year, but reasonable arguments could have been made for Polanco and Marte.


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