Thursday, July 14, 2016

Old School, Y'All

Throwback Thursday? Sure, why not? 

Awhile back, I reached out to Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts to ask about some extra early '80s Topps album stickers he had acquired in the comments section on a post he did for APTBNL. I am super excited about these two stacks of stickers that I get to put, unstuck, in my Cardinals binders soon. But as often seems to be the case, it was the bonus cards that had my eyeballs bugging out.

Look at these guys! Look at these haircuts!

I spent some time this spring reading The Breaks of the Game for the first time, which is kind of strange considering my lifelong fixation on Portland's only Big 3 pro sports franchise. This definitely kickstarted my interest in working on filling in the missing parts of my Blazers collection, which is mostly from my early childhood dating back to the start of the franchise (which was before my time.)

This card was printed in 1973, but in a few short months in Media Days all across the countries, young NBA players will still be making this pose.

Dave Twardzik, forever Bill Walton's lil' buddy.

Sidney Wicks was a classic example of the star player putting up big numbers on a bad team. It's rarely fair to completely blame the player for the lack of talent around him, though.

Big thanks to Jon for all of the Cardinals and Blazers needs!


  1. That Wicks/Petrie gem is the best card I have ever seen.

  2. Lovely, lovely vintage b-ball.

  3. Read the same APTBNL post. Jon helped me finish my 1981 Topps sticker set. Now I just need to go out and grab the album.


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