Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Someone Likes the A's

Turning A's into Birds, thanks to a @JoshSamBob mailing. 

For nearly a decade, I haven't been able to figure out what to do with any of my Oakland A's cards, aside from a stray Rickey Henderson or Mark McGwire card here and there. This all finally changed recently, as I finally found a suitable home for a bunch of A's cards. In addition to being a fan of the team from the other city by the bay, Josh Bob has an expansive Jewish player themed collection going. You'll learn something by following that hyperlink, let me assure you.

Among the big stack of cards that came my way with this Jim Edmonds refractor. Refractors are always a nice addition to my collection. They are shiny and they don't talk back.

Here's an early Albert Pujols card. I am slowly building an army of second year Pujols cards, but any sign of a rookie card has still eluded me. Someday...

Zoom. Crop. Call it good, I guess.

Josh Bob also included some Tulos for Erin's collection, which is still going strong. I haven't bought any packs of the flagship Topps set this year, so this one was totally new to this household.

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