Monday, July 11, 2016

This Blog Post is Not About Pokemon Go

@TwitchWasHere delivers the good goods. 

It's crazy to have a week that will be almost entirely free of baseball, which might actually help me get caught up in some posts that I wanted to write. I'm not entirely sure if he's shuttered his latest blog, but Twitch is active on Twitter and is always up for a trade. The starting point for this exchange was a Yoenis Cespedes card I'd pulled from a Loot Locker, and as always, I ended up with a bunch of cool things for my collection.

Somehow, I didn't own a copy of Ozzie Smith's 2012 Prizm card. I still think it's kind of crap that Panini put this set out in 2013 but still called it "2012" so they could sneak another Prizm release in the same calendar year. Including stats from the current season really throws me off! (Not that Ozzie Smith played any baseball in 2012, of course. Poor example.)

I really wanted to like the WBC, but it managed to grab less and less of my attention each time it was held. Unfortunately, there's no more baseball at the Olympics, so I should probably try and make an effort next time.

Another fun Pujols insert for the collection. As I am nearly complete in doing inventory of my Cardinals collection on Zistle, I am realizing that I have a ton of Pujols insert dupes that I didn't know were dupes. I guess that's not a terrible problem to have. This Topps Chrome "Vintage" insert is definitely not a dupe.

Erin has had a copy of the Yadi / Buster Posey All-Star photo variation from the 2013 Topps Update set for quite awhile, so I was happy to get a copy of my own.

More Prizm. Definitely can't complain about a shiny parallel!

Twitch sneaked in a Trail Blazers card, which is always nice. B-Roy is certainly missed.

Well, I can't do much better than topping this off with an Albert Pujols jersey card. Great stuff all around!


  1. I agree on WBC. It hasn't been quite what many thought it would. I always liked Olympics baseball because of how young and hungry the guys were. Plus, there really is no good time for the WBC.

  2. I'd be interested in some of your Pujols doubles. He is still my favorite non Indians player in baseball today. I still collect the Indians of course. I have cards to get out to you sometime...hopefully sooner than later.

  3. I really enjoy the WBC... mainly b/c it's the only time I really get a chance to see Japanese guys (outside of the handful of MLB players) play. Plus it also means more cards for me to collect. By the way... the Pujols relic is sweet.


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