Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Contest Results!

And the winner is... Targeting Confirmed! 

The contest is over, and we have some winners to announce! The first place prize is awarded to GLM1 (Targeting Confirmed), who led the group with 698 points. I don't know how well that stacks up against previous years, but it sounds to me like a really good number.

In second place, and still up for a fancy prize is leiber88. And in third place is C_hawkfan. Both were very close and will get prizes mailed out as soon as I can get to them.

Finally, the walk of shame will be performed by longtime blogger Nachos Grande. Feel free to head on over to his blog to give him your sympathies/taunts.

And... in case you missed it, this year's Belk Bowl winner was The Bucs Stop Here. This might be the final Belk Bowl contest, in fact, if the Twitter rumors are true and this post isn't just the workings of a bored intern.


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