Thursday, January 9, 2020

Final Contest Update and Some Current Cards

Featuring some guys who didn't get traded today. 

First things first- let's talk about the contest. There's just one college football game left to decide (even though I swear pitchers and catchers are getting ready to report any day now) and by my calculations the contest has already been decided. Much like a Final Jeopardy contestant with more than twice as much money as everyone else, GLM1 (Targeting Confirmed) looks to be this year's champ. We will double check the scores as soon as Monday's championship game is in the books, but it looks like all of the action to watch will be for the runner-up prizes.

On the night Jose Martinez was traded away, let's check out a few cards of guys who are still with the St. Louis Cardinals (for now?!) courtesy of cards as i see them.

When I first heard an outfielder from the major league club was going to be one of the key pieces sent back to Tampa Bay (the Cardinals acquired one of their top prospects in Matt Liberatore), I expected it to be Harrison Bader. Bader's defensive skills would have him near the top of the MLB center field class, but his struggles at the plate made him essentially unplayable as the playoffs went on last season. A short minor league demotion seemed to bring more life to Bader's bat last season, but let's hope that a full offseason can bring about a more permanent change.

Here's Paul Goldschmidt, wearing one of those numberless photo day jersey that I complained about last night. Please note that I did not make any sort of New Year's resolution to complain less about trivial things in 2020.

Like Andrew Miller at the top of this post, Adam Wainwright was held over for the High Series in last year's Topps Heritage line. Unlike Miller, Wainwright is not new to the team. It's just that nobody expected Wainwright in 2019 to be a big contributor. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve, though, and we'll be seeing more of him.

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