Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Dark Side of Ginter

Some sleek online exclusive Cardinals from @BubbaStup and his stash of Ginter goodies. 

Super Allen & Ginter collector Bubba occasionally tosses a few things my way. This time, along with a few want list insert needs were a collection of six Cardinals minis from the latest edition of the dark and mysterious Allen & Ginter X!

These cards always look good, but I'm somewhat surprised that Topps has kept this online exclusive set going after all these years. Even though they might prove to be even more difficult to obtain, I kind of wish these were the "hot box" exclusives that you can find in certain hobby boxes instead of those somewhat shiny foil cards. I might even consider springing for a box for once if they did something like that.

The dark background and black frame gives kind of a weird Harry Potter-esque feel to such an old portrait. Well, it seems gothic, at least. Perhaps I went too far when I mentioned Harry Potter.

This is the mini X version of Matt Carpenter's "are you serious right now?" card. The Cardinals have had the unfortunate trend of wearing numberless uniforms for their photo day in recent years, which really bugs me. Do you know what bugs me even more? That Topps Photoshopped that 13 right back onto his uniform... and did it very poorly. (See also Bader, Harrison.)

Tyler O'Neill's arm is sorta covering where the number should be, so they let it go.

Same deal with Yadi here, although I hope that Molina has some sort of no-Photoshop shenanigans policy in his Topps contract.

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