Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mini Mania

The @nightowlcards delivers a large amount of small cards. 

Top tier blogger and Beckett contributor of late Night Owl Cards sent along another excellent package of stuff to me back in November. This one was largely comprised of minis from the most recent Allen & Ginter set. Interestingly enough, I actually bought a couple of loose A&G packs tonight during a grocery run and ended up with a mini of that blasted egg card.

These minis were much more exciting than the dreaded egg. This one is an insert from Topps' tribute to acrophobia, apparently.

Topps has done various plants and flowers in Allen & Ginter sets, sometimes even including seeds inside. This one is of the seedless variety.

Here are even more minis! I considered making a mini pyramid (of minis), but this ended up looking more like the reverse funnel system.

Night Owl also sent some full-sized cards, including this much needed short print from the 2018 Heritage set. I only need 80 more of those, probably.

There were Cardinals, too, including this not-as-ordinary-as-you'd-think card of the White Rat. There was a special on MLB Network tonight about the '80s Cardinals that I'm sure I will enjoy watching later.

See? It's not ordinary, it's a Tiffany!

And speaking of not ordinary, here's Yadi, who plans to retire a Cardinal... if he ever retires at all.


  1. Never heard Hertzog referred to as The White Rat. Cool nickname.

  2. I would have liked the egg card a little more if it was presented in some sort of natural setting, instead of something to be worshipped.

  3. I really like the Ginter minis. And "The White Rat"? What?

  4. If you want to find another home for the egg, I'll take it!


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