Sunday, May 3, 2020

Cards to Snack On

Possibly the most expensive cards I've ever bought. 

Staying at home for a lengthy amount of time has led to some strange purchasing decisions. We barely get Utz chips in the Pacific Northwest and have never seen the large variety packs that contain the exclusive Topps baseball cards in them. Some of the other brands that Utz tend to be more commonly available here. To make a long story short, I ended up ordering some huge box of snack chips online just to get a glimpse at these oddballs. I don't even really eat chips!

These are all up for grabs. In the two three-card packs I ended up with, there weren't any Cardinals. Unless one of you has Utz Cardinals cards just lying around, I'll probably pick up the team set online. (There's some more things up for grabs here if you're interested in more 2020 Topps things.)

I suppose this could be an alternate, rejected design for 2020. Last year's set just used the regular 2019 flagship design, but it had the Utz logo on it at least.

It would look better with an Utz logo.

The backs are pretty similar to the flagship layout of recent years.

These all seem to be very closely cropped. Miggy barely fits in the frame. Well, actually, he doesn't really.

The clock is running out on guys like Albert Pujols, which is yet another thing that sucks about the suspension of all group activities more or less globally right now.

Photoshop alert!


  1. I see Utz product all the time around here (they're REALLY good) but I've yet to find any of the ones with baseball cards in them. I check every time I'm at Target.

    Also, can you set the Bryant aside for me, pretty please?

  2. I have neither the time nor the money to purchase bags of chips for these. Pujols and Rendon please. Thank you!

  3. all that and a bag of chips?!

  4. Done and done!

    There were even some cheese (cheez?) curls.

  5. I was about to be like "hey, where'd you find Utz up here!?" as I've never spotted them in the wild.

    If nobody else claims the Lindor or Miggy, feel free to set it aside for me!

  6. If you are willing to, I would be happy with the Lindor card.

  7. It's kinda sad to think that time is running out on guys like Pujols and Miggy. Was really hoping to see him hit #500 this season.

  8. I haven't found these in stores either. Almost pulled the trigger on the online thing but the $12 shipping stopped me. I figure I can buy the cards I want for that much and not get the junk calories (Utz does make a quality product though).

  9. Utz chips are everywhere in the Northeast, but I've yet to find the special kind that have cards in the stores around here.


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