Thursday, May 14, 2020

Mini Group Break Results!

Some teams fared better than others. 

With some assistance from Erin, the packs from the break were opened last night and here are the results. Unfortunately, some teams were completely shut out, but I suppose that was bound to happen. As promised, I'll still send out some bonus cards from your team for those of you who didn't pull anything here (or just to fill the envelope if you did.) I can't completely blame Topps for the collation, though, as these packs were purchased loose without any knowledge of where they may have come from. Should I do something like this again in the near future? What do you guys think?

We did find one of the numbered insert cards, with the Dodgers having the biggest success here. This comes as no surprise to me, because I always pull lots of Dodgers cards.

The cards have a glossy stock similar to flagship, unlike the Big League design this was curbed from. Also, each pack contained a Mookie Betts card with an ad for last year's National Baseball Card Day, which confusingly uses the 2019 Topps Stickers design. I'm assuming Matt, who claimed the Red Sox, doesn't want all twenty copies of these, so if anyone PC's Betts or just wants one, let me know!

Arizona Diamondbacks - Greinke (x2)
Atlanta Braves - Donaldson (x2), Freeman, Swanson
Baltimore Orioles - Mancini (x2)

Boston Red Sox - Benintendi, Martinez (x2), Pedroia
Chicago Cubs - Bryant, Contreras, Schwarber
Chicago White Sox - Abreu, Kopech, Moncada (x2)
Cincinnati Reds - Puig (x2), Votto (x3)
Cleveland Indians - Kluber (x2), Lindor (x5), Ramirez
Colorado Rockies - Story (x5)
Detroit Tigers - none
Miami Marlins - none
Houston Astros - Altuve (x2), Bregman (x2), Correa, Springer
Kansas City Royals - O'Hearn (x2)
Los Angeles Angels - Ohtani (x3), Pujols (x2), Trout (x2)

Los Angeles Dodgers - Bellinger (x4), Buehler (x2), Kershaw TCG-23 insert (252/299)
Milwaukee Brewers - Cain
Minnesota Twins - Berrios (x3)
New York Mets - Conforto, Syndergaard

New York Yankees - Andujar (x3), Judge (x2), Tanaka
Oakland Athletics - Davis (x2)

Philadelphia Phillies - Harper, Hoskins (x4), McCutchen (x2)
Pittsburgh Pirates - none
St. Louis Cardinals - Carpenter (x2), Goldschmidt (x4)
San Diego Padres - Myers (x3)
San Francisco Giants - none
Seattle Mariners - Gordon, Kikuchi (x2)
Tampa Bay Rays - none
Texas Rangers - Gallo (x2)

Toronto Blue Jays - Gurriel Jr. (x2), Stroman
Washington Nationals - Soto (x3)

Should I do something like this again in the near future? What do you guys think?


  1. Yeah, I'll only take two or three of those Mookies, but if anyone wants one distribute as you deem fit! Thanks for the cards!

  2. Got all excited that a Freddie Freeman card was pulled, then remembered that I was too late to claim the Braves. Ah well.
    Looks like a fun rip.

  3. Yes I think you should do more breaks in the future. I look forward to the Indians that you pulled. I also player collect Francisco Lindor so the extras will go into that collection.

  4. Woohoo, Dodgers for me! Thanks so much! I'll take you up on a Mookie card, too. As for those teams/collectors who were shut out, feel free to add one of my Dodger duplicates to their envelope. Thanks again.

  5. Sweet! I'd be happy to take a Mookie ad card. I'd also be up for one of your Goldschmidt dupes too, if'n that's on the table.

  6. This was fun. I love products like this! Definitely think you should do something like it again if the opportunity presents itself. I would love a Mookie if possible. Thanks.

  7. Well drat. Nice old school unbalanced rip though and this kind of low-stakes thing is a lot of fun. I don't need a Mookie but you should definitely send one to Mark Hoyle. I wouldn't complain is a random single dup ended up in my envelope though since this is a fun oddball to have a sample of.

  8. Very cool. Thank you for offering these up to your readers.

  9. I wasn't able to secure the Cubs, but I did have fun watching this unfold. I think you should give it another go!

  10. Thanks Kerry! I'll take bbcardz up on his offer for dodger dupes and if anyone wants a berrios feel free to claim one of my extras. I'll be sending one to brian, of course.

  11. Thanks for this! Feel free to offer up the Yankee dupes.

  12. Thank you so much! I love the Big League design anyways and I had absolutely no clue these existed. I'd definitely love to see more breaks like this in the future.


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