Monday, May 25, 2020

Chasing Flaherty Again

Another week of @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay cards. 

I bought into a few more Crackin' Wax breaks, which should come as no surprise to recent readers of the blog. In my new found focus to go after all things Jack Flaherty, I wound up buying something I would normally avoid like the plague - one of those non-MLB college/draft sets. The box was a 2014 Panini Elite Extra Edition one, and while Flaherty isn't in the base set for some reason, he has autographs in this one. He seems to be more prominently featured in the Prizm Draft set from the same year.

I didn't land one of the coveted autos, but I ended up with 75% of the base team set, and did at least wind up with a Flaherty (Elite Expectations insert) as a consolation prize.

Next up were some Panini Chronicles boxes, which are always intriguing to me for their sheer weirdness and variety of designs. From the 2018 box, I ended up with a numbered Harrison Bader Donruss card.

I also finally finished off the 2017 base team set and added this Luke Weaver Donruss card. This confusing insert picks up the card numbering where the regular 2017 Donruss release left off, which threw me for a loop when I first acquired another card (Paul DeJong) from this in a trade. I couldn't find it on the Donruss checklist, you see. It was a weird moment.

My random team in the Chronicles break was the Orioles, which landed me this sticker auto that is headed for the trade box.

Not headed for the trade box is this Carlos Martinez Heritage Chrome card, my lone Cardinals need from a 2017 Topps Heritage High Numbers break. These aren't quite as nice as the refractor versions, but it's still a fairly tough pull.

Finally, there was a free box of 2013 Topps Museum Collection where the spots were distributed randomly to various participants from the week. I ended up with a spot and this Clayton Kershaw card was pulled. I'm sure I'll have no problem finding a home for this card along with all of the other Dodgers cards I seem to constantly pull.

Meanwhile, if you've got any Jack Flaherty cards I need (as in, something not on this list), feel free to reach out! Thanks.

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