Friday, May 22, 2020

Thumbs Up to Cards

A PWE from @dvdgao hits up some set needs and team needs. 

Fellow Cardinals fan David recently sent me a nice envelope full of cards that hit up several of my want lists. I've been trying to significantly boost the number of envelopes I typically send, so it's always nice when I get one back -- especially from a Cards fan.

Here's a great opportunity for my semi-regular plug for The Junior Junkie. This continues to be my favorite* blog out there, which is surprising considering I've never been a big time Griffey fan. There's certainly more effort put into his weekly posts that I've cumulatively put into my entire year's worth of content, and they're always an entertaining read if you collect cards.

Any time I get a chance to knock off a Heritage insert, it's a big win.

I guess Adalberto really didn't want to be called Raul Mondesi Jr. I'm still missing a bunch of 2019 Heritage, of course.

Cardinals fans always tend to send the best Cardinals cards. It's probably because we always have the most dupes, right? I missed out on a recent Bowman's Best box break, but I opted to pick up some of the base cards instead (much cheaper.) This Goldschmidt refractor is a really nice addition to that small group.

High Tek Yadi! That's... all I've got.

*I mean, besides your blog, of course.

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David said...

Glad you enjoyed. Cardinal fans have to have each other's backs!