Monday, June 29, 2020

Greetings From Busch

A big batch of cards from a longtime reader. 

Friend of the blog OhioTim recently sent me a bunch of stuff from nearly all corners of my collection. If you've been around the blogs (and chances are, if you're reading this, you have), you've probably seen or dealt with Tim at some point. In addition to a bunch of great Cardinals stuff, he also sent over some football cards and a couple of other things.

I often end posts with Yadi cards for some reason, so I figured I'd switch it up a bit this time. This insert card from Topps Fire has a very sci-fi feel to it.

This year is finally starting to bring a bit more appreciation of the classic 1985 Topps design. Primarily known for the Mark McGwire Olympic card instead of the main base cards, this is a rare design that Topps hasn't quite overused and abused just yet. The original set was released the year before I started buying baseball cards, so it has a nice nostalgic feel to me, too.

Here's a rare purple parallel of Harrison Bader. I believe that these were exclusive to Meijer stores, something that doesn't exist around where I live.

This 150 Years parallel of a reprinted Bob Gibson rookie card from the Iconic Card Reprints set (whew) is numbered to 150 as well. A nice touch.

I didn't realize until now how much the color purple was going to feature in this post. This is a purple "paper" parallel of Carlos Martinez's 1st Bowman card. I don't think Martinez cards have much value these days, but they have plenty of value to me. This is definitely worth, like, forty-five Cards on Cards bucks.

More purple! It's another rookie, too.

Another Yadi managed to sneak in here. This is a numbered to 2020 "touch of gold" parallel. That's what I'm calling these from now on.

Tim included a couple of Dame cards for my collection, including this classy Court Kings insert. I like that there's multiple photos and multiple uniforms here.

A large portion of the package consisted of Eagles cards. This is an area of my collection that will probably start getting some more attention, soon. Did I ever joke that it would take some sort of global pandemic to get me to organize my Eagles cards? No? In any case, I really like this photo of Alshon Jeffery most likely celebrating a first down.

Miles Sanders was drafted last year and immediately slid into the #1 RB spot. It's easy to see why people are excited about him.

All of these newfangled Eagles are fine, but to me, nothing beats the early '90s kelly green team. Also, Randall is my all-time favorite. I should probably get more of his cards.

This card from 1992 is the earliest example I have seen of a card with "chromium" technology. Even though it's not a refractor, it's very bright and shiny.

It's back to present day Eagles here with a sparkling Carson Wentz insert.

Finally, Tim also included a few Busch Stadium postcards. Having only been there for the first time last summer, it was nice to a few more glimpses at the stadium. This shot is from before Ballpark Village was constructed. The area in left-center field is much more built up now.


  1. Very cool stuff! I love the top 2 cards (Musial and Yadi) and the Miles Sanders is nice as well.

  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the wide variety of cards in this package. I got the post cards when my girlfriend and I passed through the St Louis area on our way to Ohio in moving her from Arizona.

  3. That Busch Stadium postcard is fantastic! Wish there were more of these (stadium postcards) floating around our hobby.

  4. That Musial card has to be one of the best photos Stadium Club has ever used.


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