Wednesday, June 3, 2020

So Many Cardinals

Another big variety bundle of things from @batcavelv brings the numbers closer to 20,000. 

I am approaching 20,000 unique Cardinals cards in my collection. This is a very cool but also very scary situation. My biggest concern right now is storage space, of course. I am worried that when I get through sorting all of the boxes of cards that I have added to my collection over the past couple of years, I'm going to need to add about eight to ten binders to my shelf.

My shelf has been out of room for years, you see.

The latest culprit is the always generous Tracy's Box Breaks, who regularly hosts extremely affordable and variety-packed box breaks. I hear that there's another one coming up shortly

This recent break included some 2019 Topps Total cards. Any chance to snag something from the usually eyeroll-inducing Topps On Demand group is something worth pouncing on, however. I added four of these cards to my collection, but I'm most excited for my first ever Tyler Webb card. This is fully in the spirit of the original Topps Total concept, spotlighting a relatively unknown reliever. I just wish there were stats on the back.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of notoriety is the legendary Dizzy Dean, on a 150 Years parallel of his 150 Greatest Seasons insert. It's numbered to 150, of course!

I've added a ton of minor league cards to my collection in the past year or so. Apparently, finally putting together that want list has really paid off. This trio of would-be Cardinals from the 2007 Just Rookie set doesn't completely fit in the "minor league" classification since the parent club team name is featured on the front, but these still look minor to me.

I've also added quite a few mid-'00s Donruss cards of late, and a lot of them look really nice. This one looks nice!

And then there's this... thing... which could only have come from the minds at Pacific. Still, I would overpay for a box of Pacific almost anything right now. 

Here's a young Cardinals hurler on one of those classy framed parallels from the 2019 Panini Diamond Kings set.

I always appreciate getting cards that are older than me, but it's even better when said card is of a Cardinals legend like Red here.

Lastly, I believe this Enos Slaughter card from 2018 increased my total Sport Kings collection by about 25%. You don't see these cards every day... or generally ever.


  1. 20K?! Nice! Congrats! Good luck with the organizing and finding space.

  2. I've been over the 20,000 mark for Dodgers for 2 or 3 years now. Haven't run out of space yet, but getting there!

  3. Are you building the 2018 Sportkings set? If so, I might be able to help. I loved that product and bought a few blasters.

  4. Building another PWE for you now which will have two of your 1970 needs, as well as some others from later in the decade.

  5. I've never seen Sportkings in the wild before, so it's more of a curiosity to me than something I'd actively want to build. If there are more Cardinals in there, I should try to find them, though.

  6. "My shelf has been out of room for years, you see."... is getting another shelf not an option?


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