Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching Up: The Last Great Tribecards Giveaway

The end of spring training is near! Actual baseball is on the way. In the meantime, I enjoyed a bit of some meaningless Cardinals action on ESPN this morning and I have to say that I'm pretty excited about this season. There are a ton of question marks surrounding this team, but for once the thing I'm worried about the least this season is the offense. Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, I received the bounty from The Last Great Tribecards Giveaway. I hope everyone who has ever received anything from David has paid their respects by this point. Just because the man has finally given away the excesses of his collection doesn't mean that he won't appreciate some of your Tribe cards sent his way. I've highlighted just a few cards here in a really generous package of Cardinals (and bonus) goodies.

Dmitri Young is one of those guys that has seemingly thousands of rookie cards. He was first noticed by card companies in 1992, yet took quite a few years before he logged regular playing time and was considered a true "rookie" by MLB. By the way, I'm certainly glad that the Cardinals don't use these warmup jerseys anymore. They have red jerseys these days and they don't even them in spring training games because of "tradition".

I really like this set. I really, really want to collect this set. I just can't collect them all, though, you know?

Cards like this were just made for J.D. Drew, I think. I'm not sure what else to say about it other than the obligatory comment about how the scanner doesn't do the card justice in terms of shiny craziness.

Here's a great action shot of Scott Rolen. The Cards could really use the 2004 version of Rolen at 3rd base this year, or even last year's Rolen to be honest. I am hopefully that David Freese will turn out to be the "RBI machine" that a certain hitting coach has hyped him up to be, though.

Speaking of said hitting coaches, I've found that McGwire's son appears on a ton of his Cardinals cards that I've acquired over time. It's pretty hard to hate the guy when he has adorable photo ops like these.

David threw in a couple of treats. There were three strips (I scanned them all together) of some B.A.T. foundation cards from Upper Deck that were apparently produced in 1993. I had never heard of these, but they look pretty amazing especially considering the era they were produced in. I must have mentioned the Yankees at some point in the giveaway, because these weren't the only Yankee prizes.

I spotlighted a couple of Davco cards in the past that I also received from Tribecards. Those were Cardinals cards, and this one is Mickey Mantle himself.

Finally, here was the lone Blazers card in the lot and a really good one as far as I'm concerned. My collection is very light on the current players, so I'm always excited to see an L-Train card.

Thanks again to Tribecards!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, very nice Kieth Hernandez card. Also, I got the cards you sent me in the mail today, I will probably post about them in the next couple days. Thanks!

--David said...

You are VERY welcome! I'm just glad there cards in there worth keeping. :-)