Thursday, March 18, 2010

These Cards are Mine!

Yes, yes, I bet you know where this post is going already. Sometimes I enjoy writing the post titles. Most of the time, however, I just cringe after I read it. This might also be a good time to confess that I don't really proofread anything I write here because all of my writing generally makes me cringe. Feel free to point out any typos, poor sentence structures, incorrect usage of words or outright slanderous lies (unless they pertain to the Lakers in which case they're absolutely true!) that you may find along the way.

Oh, yes, the cards! The cards came courtesy of BigD from Hey, That's Mine! I actually received them well over a month ago, which goes to show how I've fallen even further behind on posting about this stuff. I'm making it a goal of mine to get more or less caught up on trade posts by the end of the month, so you may be seeing a lot of these posts for awhile. BigD sent a mix of Cardinals including this Yadier Molina 2006 Ovation insert. I like the card a lot, but it seems like it belongs with something more suitable like the base set. Ovation cards are fancier than this and seem to usually have baseball stitches or some sort of etching to them.

I received both a Sweet Spot and Sweet Spot Update card of Jim Edmonds. I don't think I'm ready to see him in a Brewers uniform. I also haven't really looked to find out what his chances are of making the team out of spring training. I would be shocked if Jimmy accepted any sort of minor league assignment and I don't imagine that there would be a ton of other teams calling, unfortunately, if he doesn't work out with Milwaukee. The Cardinals are actually rather thin in terms of 4th and 5th outfielder types going into the season, so I actually started to get my hopes up that he might rejoin the team for a short spell.

This card does not look like Albert Pujols. That's all I can really say about it.

Here's a card of the Braves new first baseman. Hopefully can rebound from his career-threatening injuries and have a solid year for Atlanta. The 2008 version of Troy Glaus would be incredibly useful to the Cardinals this season, but unfortunately he can't really throw anymore. By the way, this card is one of the "perforated" parallel cards, but my scanner is unable to scan those without making them look... well... not perforated. So there you go.

I unloaded all of my Dallas Mavericks cards (minus the doubles) on BigD and he paid me big time in mid-to-late '90s Topps Finest Blazers cards. I've never seen so much peel-off protective coating in one place in my life. Some of the Finest cards from this era are as goofy as their baseball counterparts, like this "Heirs" card of Isaiah "J.R." Rider. What was J.R. an heir to, exactly? It must have been some sort of throne of the King of all of the Morons.

Great looking card of my second-favorite Blazer of all-time. I tend to think all Sabas cards are great, though.

Topps apparently can't tell the difference between the Detroit Pistons and the Portland Trail Blazers. They're nearly spelled the same and their logos are pretty much identical.

Finally, there were a few cards from the current Panini base set thrown in. This is only my second Travis Outlaw card in my collection as far as I can tell. It was a bit sad to watch him and Steve Blake playing for the Clippers last night on ESPN. I wouldn't normally stay tuned to a Clippers/Bucks matchup for more than a few seconds, but I had to stick around to watch those guys play.

Thanks again to Hey, That's Mine!

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IkesCards said...

Honestly, I thought it that Pujols card was Darrel Kyle when I first saw it.