Monday, March 1, 2010

Shiny Chromey Cardinals in the Mail

I really wanted to rejoin the Topps Million code party this past weekend. I really did. On two separate occasions at two separate stores, I bought 5 packs and came up empty both times. 10 packs... no dice. I'm not bitter or anything. Instead of posting about the Bob Gibson or Ozzie Smith rookie that I pulled from the virtual wayback machine, you get a trade post here. This isn't your garden variety trade post, however. This was a snap case full of shiny, chromey (and often times serial numbered) Cardinals cards courtesy of Play at the Plate. At some point I'll have to look back at all of my trades and see who made the blog the most. Play at the Plate is certainly out there among the leaders of the pack.

I'm getting to know guys like Chance Caple through this blog. He made absolutely no impact on the league, and if all of his cards disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow, I doubt anyone would notice. I might have a few empty spots in my Cardinals binder, but that's it. But that is the beauty of baseball cards, and Mr. Caple, wherever he is, will have plenty of stories to tell as his moment in the sun is documented on a number of 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 slabs of cardstock.

This card is goofy and has a scratch-off spot on the back. That's all I really know.

A pair of Xfractor rookie goodies from 2009 Topps Chrome were among the highlights of this lot. The Cards brought back Felipe Lopez, one of the bright spots of the otherwise dismal 2008 stretch run to act as infield insurance should David Freese fail to impress at 3rd and/or if Brendan Ryan's surprise wrist surgery keeps him out of regular action initially at short.

Super Colby! With all the crazy rainbow squares and the bat that hits the ball and the glove in the outfield and the adoring teenage fans and...

This might be one of my favorite baseball card photos of all time. I'll let you just go ahead and guess as to why. The Ovation line has produced a lot of interesting designs over the years. I like the raised Cardinals logo outline. There were several others from this set in the package, which is nice.

I don't know how long the Topps Gold Label line lasted, but I always enjoy receiving these.

Speaking of stuff I enjoy receiving, this is now at least the third McGwire card from this particular set that I've received from traders and each one looks impressive.

Finally, here's an interesting one, which also comes with a serial number. I imagine that Maris's family is not extremely impressed with anything like this that ties Roger and Big Mac together.

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Play at the Plate said...

Always glad to share the serial numbered cards with someone who loves them like I do.