Monday, March 8, 2010

Orlando Cepeda and the Seven Wizards

I just have a quick post tonight. As I mentioned previously, I hit the card shop about a week back. I scooped up a small stash of Ozzie Smith cards for my collection. I actually started my collection of Ozzie cards before I got serious about starting an all-Cardinals collection, and he remains one of the few Cardinals who I make a point of collecting the cards in other uniforms as well. All in all, I grabbed eight cards for about $3 or $4. There were actually two "legends" types of boxes sorted by player name next to each other, and both had sections for Ozzie Smith. I continue to be baffled and confused by the organization of places like this. Let's just say that I have some fairly basic ideas about how places should be organized and friendly to walk-in customers and most card shops I've been to fail in that aspect. Actually, I've been to a number of record stores that are that way as well.

I actually bought a pack from this set on one of my prior trips to this shop, so this 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes design was already familiar to me.

The foil on this is hard to read, but it is from Upper Deck and has a 2005 copyright on the back. It says something about Past Time and Pennants.

One of the more baffling things to me before I started getting sucked in to collecting cards again was the use of old designs or, in this case, just reprinting old cards themselves. It was one of the main things I thought I would always resist, but now I love stuff like this. I wish we could see another Topps set like Archives or Fan Favorites in the future, but they would probably have to contain 90 different Gordon Beckham cards and autographs of guys that haven't appeared in a major league ballgame since 2007 and likely won't again because they still have boxes of stickers laying around.

This is a pretty nice design (they don't call it "Legendary" for nothing) but there's something odd about Ozzie's beard.

This is some sort of offshoot of 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics. There's nothing that clashes more than black & white photos of players (who clearly played in a color photograph era) aboard glossy UV coating and slabs of foil.

I got a huge kick out of this. I almost held this out for a future Airbrushed Fridays post, but I don't even know who to blame for this 1993 Duracell card that was licensed by the MLBPA and clearly not the MLB. On the back is just a copyright from the MLBPA and another one from something called MSA. Could a collector reasonably tell the difference between this an an MLB Properties-licensed set? I'd like to think so.

Finally, I really liked the design when I saw Ozzie's 2004 Legendary Cuts card, and this Orlando Cepeda looks even better. All in all, I was pretty pleased to knock off 7 cards from my boundless Ozzie Smith want list and pick up another Cardinal HOFer in the process. Support your local card shop and all that.

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

Duracell? I thought that was 2010 Upper Deck. LOL