Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chunks of Bazooka

Just to get this out of the way, don't forget about the contest. Deadline is Thursday morning prior to the tipoff of the first game.

I've been saving these up for awhile, but here's an example of another set that has grabbed me and basically forced me to want to collect it whether I like it or not. The question for me now is not really price so much as it is availability. I rarely see 2006 Bazooka anymore, after seeing it show up in most of the repack boxes that I bought a couple of years ago. The packs have a really high fun factor (they were undoubtedly aimed at kids, if that tells you anything about me) so I would love to track down more unopened stuff if possible. Here are three packs that I've had sitting around.

Pack 1:
125 - Jorge Posada Blue Fortune (There is one blue parallel card in each pack, which contains a "fortune" at the bottom of the card. Besides this, they're basically identical to the base cards.)

71 - Rich Harden Gold Chunk (The Gold Chunk cards are also a one-per-pack parallel and serve as relic decoys because of their thickness. Oddly enough, though I actually like this, but the backs of the cards are UV coated. Not the fronts, but the backs...)

10 of 24 - Zach Duke Comic (The wrapper did not have stated odds for the comics, and I got one in all three of these packs. I don't believe that they're one-per-pack, though. Still, you're only looking at 4-6 base cards per pack, which probably makes collecting everything all the more difficult. I imagine that the Pirates organization is run exactly like the comic depicts it.)
2 - Scott Podsednik
61 - Luis Gonzalez

137 - Jim Edmonds (I saw that Edmonds hit a HR for the Brewers the other day. Yikes.)
48 - Cliff Floyd
80 - Jeff Francoeur

Pack 2:

210 - Bryan Bullington Blue Fortune (I have no idea who this is, but it looks like he came down to the community batting cage on the baseball equivalent of cosmic bowling night. Also, the Rookie Card logo is HUGE.)

185 - Carl Pavano Gold Chunk

22 of 24 - Roger Clemens Comic (Given what we know now, this achievement doesn't seem quite as amazing anymore, does it?)

75 - Alex Rodriguez (Here's what the backs of the base cards look like. They're kinda silvery, which is nice. The parallel cards have the same design only with blue or gold as the primary color.)
104 - Nomar Garciaparra
110 - Barry Zito
132 - Mark Buehrle

50 - Albert Pujols (I don't think I had this one.)

Pack 3:

42 - Joe Mauer Blue Fortune

165 - Nick Johnson Gold Chunk

11 of 24 - Xavier Nady Comic (I think they just mailed it in with this comic.)

3 of 30 - Hank Blalock Stamp (This isn't really a "stamp" so much as it is a baseball card representation of what a stamp might look like. These are probably based on the same thing that the stamps in 2010 Topps Heritage are based on, but I'm too lazy to confirm it. These fall at one in six packs.)
114 - Lew Ford
5 - Derek Jeter
148 - Jason Bay (Nice to get former Portland Beavers Xavier Nady and Jason Bay in the same pack.)
120 - Andruw Jones

If anyone has any extra 2006 Bazooka cards, chunks, or whatever debris they came up with, please let me know. In fact, if anyone knows where I could buy some packs/boxes of this stuff, I'd be curious to know that as well. This will go on my long list of things to work on as far as my want lists go.


deal said...

$48/ Hobby Box at D&A. ALthough a yr ago I think they were in the Low 30s.

I am also a fan of the 05 packs.


madding said...

Ahh, I wish they were still in the low 30s. I could buy into that. I think $48 might be a little high at $2 a pack.

I don't think I've ever seen an '05 pack, but I have a few of the cards and I like them.

Erin said...

Nooo ... this is the stuff I want. Not you! :)

I'm the kid, remember.