Sunday, March 7, 2010

Support Your Local Troll

This is what happens when I get behind at work and don't give myself any time to mess around and catch up on baseball card blog reading. A terrible thing happened to a fellow blogger and sender of too many packages for me to keep track of anymore. Fortunately, Blog King Lynchpin Dayf is organizing the henchmen, Venture Bros. style, and calling on all readers to provide an all-out Rays-fueled assault on The Collective Troll. Check out his blog if you haven't (and really, you haven't?) He has plenty of other interests besides the Tampa Bay Rays and perhaps you could even help recover copies of cards that he lost.

Meanwhile, and I feel somewhat guilty about receiving another package from him at this point, but I have some cards to show off that he sent last month. The nice thing about the Julio Lugo for Chris Duncan trade last season was that it netted the Cardinals a free season of a quality backup middle infielder while ridding themselves of an uncomfortable situation.

The majority of the package were cards claimed in the Troll's epic mid-'90s box break bonanza. He went out and wrote about every single pack, which is something to be in awe of. I'm not sure if Pinnacle Xpress is the "express" version of Pinnacle like an express bus, the express line (9 items or less!) at a grocery store or just like the Bud Light version of regular 'ol Budweiser Pinnacle.

Here was my big "hit" in the box break - a Tom Pagnozzi card exploding with silver rays. This was known as the Museum Collection, similar I suppose to the Starburst cards I encountered in the 1996 Pinnacle set. Tom's nephew Matt Pagnozzi is a backup catcher in the Cardinals system, and he got a late season call-up to the big club last year.

I believe I've posted this Edmonds card before, but I wanted to do it again. It's one of my very favorite photos of all of the Angels Edmonds cards I own.

I had also asked for any extra Propaganda cards from 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights. Along with Andrew Bailey, I also received this Adrian Gonzalez card with a very blatant error (unless Topps is predicting the future?)

Finally, here's a vintage St. Louis Cardinals football team card. I was never a fan of the football Cardinals, but I love this card and will certainly hang onto it. I have no idea what set it is from.


longlivethewho13 said...

Unless Gonzalez moves to the outfield, Topps would have made a bad prediction.

Rod said...

Hey Kerry, I and Joe collector are going to the card show at Jantzen Beach next SaturdayWould you be interested in meeting up with us.

madding said...

I was already planning on going to the show, but I don't know when I'll get there because I work late the night before. I'll probably wear a Cardinals cap so I'm at least identifiable or something.