Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catching Up: Turkey Red? More Like Turkey RAD!

With this post I will be officially done with all packages received in February and I can finally move on to March. I've got a box break in the works, if the thing ever shows up in my mailbox, and I still have a few more ideas of things I've been kicking around since I started this blog. After that, I'm done.

Not buying it? Neither am I. Justin from a blog I will just refer to as The Wasteland (think big Tampa Bay Rays and Lightning enthusiast) sent over a sizeable chunk of the 2009 Topps Turkey Red inserts from my wantlist. I don't remember exactly what I sent in return, but I certainly hope it was something useful. (P.S. - Don't tell anyone, but I think it involved some 1990 Donruss.)

What is strange to me about the Turkey Red inserts is how, with each base series producing 50 insert cards, they all have a completely different finish to them. The Series 1 cards (like Million Dollar Mauer at the top of the post) have your expected matte style finish that is more in line with the 2005-2006 set which uses the same design. Series 2 (see Johnny Mize, not that you'd be able to tell by the scan or anything) has some icky excess glossy UV finish to the surface of the card. Most of the cards that Justin sent were of the Series 2 variety. The Series 2 base cards, incidentally, have a slightly different finish than Series 1 - they're still glossy, but they're noticeably different even to the touch.

50 more cards were released, thank goodness, along with Updates & Highlights. These cards (Jimmie Foxx represents) are more similar to Series 1, which got it right, but they're still a bit shinier when held up to the light.

Justin also tossed in a few Cardinals, but these were no throwaways. I received a Rogers Hornsby cereal box refractor card from one of the 2009 Topps sets. I'm not sure if I ever found a comprehensive checklist of all of these things as there were different checklists depending on what store you purchased the boxes at. It got pretty confusing. The only cereal boxes I bought had either Cy Young or (I think?) Roberto Clemente in them, so I was excited to see a Cardinal.

Finally, there was another unexpected gem. Sure, I know that manufactured patches embedded in cards are sort of a bizarre concept. Granted, the fact that it is serial numbered to 50 likely only means that there are 50 of this particular letter. I still think this is pretty cool. I just wouldn't invest a lot of money in stuff like this.

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TheBrooklynMet said...

Well, at least the older look of this one adds to its appeal. However, I dislike the randomness of getting an "r." Especially, since at a 1 of 50 the other letters will be difficult to come by.