Friday, July 16, 2010

Airbrushed Fridays: 1987 Topps Traded #84T

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Gene Nelson was a key reliever on Tony La Russa's pennant winning Oakland teams in the late '80s after a moderately successful run as a starter for a few other American League clubs. He previously pitcher for La Russa's White Sox, making 28 starts in 120 appearances. He also kind of looks like a hipster, like he could be the bass player for The Builders and the Butchers (whoever they are.)

Why did Topps airbrush Gene's photo? Nelson was dealt from the White Sox to La Russa's new team after the 1986 season. It's fascinating to learn, through Wikipedia, that Chicago's play by play announcer actually was the GM for one fateful season before returning to the broadcast booth.

What's wrong with this picture, anyway? Aside from his fabulous mountain rock beard, Nelson has a cap that is more reminiscent of a '70s traded set than one from 1987. I'm not sure what the "artist" would have needed to do to a White Sox jersey to make it an Oakland one, but it apparently wasn't enough. (By the way, does anyone understand the "On This Date" blurb on the back of this card?)

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Steve78 said...

I would assume "accepted 4 chances" to be an awkward way to say he fielded four balls in the same inning. That would be kind of interesting, kind of. Though I think it would be more interesting if, say, he rejected them.

Anonymous said...

Looking up the boxscore on Baseball Reference, heres what we find. Regan comes into the inning with no outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd. Ruiz grounds to Regan, who gets the force at 2nd (P-ss). Runners on 1 and 3 1 out. Rose grounds to Regan, who gets the man on 3d in a rundown (P-C-3B-P)(two chances for Regan there). Tolan then grounds out to Regan (P-1B). Four chances, three batters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, the Hawkeroo was a horrid GM. He forced Fisk to play LF for a while so Joel Skinner could get into the lineup as C.

Yes, Hawk wanted Joel Skinner to play every day.

It was mid-May before sanity returned and Fisk was returned behind the plate.

It was just a wreck. 10 different players started in LF for the Sox. THE Tim Hulett got 550 plate appearances. Bobby Bonilla was traded for Jose DeLeon. This after Bonilla was STOLEN from the Pirates in the Rule V draft.

But the big stink was that on July 30, the Hawk traded Ron Kittle, Wayne Tolleson AND Joel Skinner for Ron Hassey and Carlos Martinez.

Yes, the same Skinner that Hawk insisted catch every day was sent to the Yanks as a throw in for a lefty backup catcher / DH and third base prospect who didn't see the roster until 1989.