Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two Trades, Three Cards and a Random Plug

I'm not normally one to combine trade posts, but it seems appropriate in this case. The always generous Matt F. from Heartbreaking Cards/APTBNL sent over a couple of surprise Cardinal relics of players I love. Chris Carpenter is currently locked in a battle with the hated Chicago Cubs on Sunday Night Baseball, so it's appropriate to show off a Carpenter Masterpieces jersey swatch. Masterpieces surely had some nice looking cards for a such a short-lived set.

Jim Edmonds is still my overall favorite player who is still active in the league. He took all of 2009 off, in which I assumed he was retired, only to resurface this season with yet another NL Central division foe. He's talking retirement now, however. (Best quote from this article? "I'm going to play until I explode.")

I recently snagged some stuff from Colbey at Cardboard Collections in a group break he had. After seeing the results, I talked my way into a Matt Holliday rookie card from 1999 Stadium Club. This is my first Holliday rookie card, making a great addition to my still very meager collection of cards of the Cardinals left fielder for the next 38 years.


I promised a random plug, and I shall deliver. I killed a couple of hours on this blog in the wee hours of Sunday morning and I think it's worth checking out if you collected cards in the era that I grew up in. I long have wondered if I would ever run across a comprehensive site that was dedicated to error cards, particularly in variation cards, and Junk Wax Gems seems to be the place for me. While I have no interest in collecting variation cards that aren't Cardinals (or my favorite players), I do find it all very interesting to read about. This post in particular led me to dig out all of my 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards to find that a small stack of them contain holograms on the back from the 1990 set instead of the expected 1991. In the meantime, hopefully I'll find some suitors for my intimidatingly large piles of junk wax cards. Yikes.

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