Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Another PWE Roundup


Cards from @CardBuzz @BoRosny and more... on a Tuesday! 

It was a busy and thrilling sports day in the Cards on Cards household, with Damian Lillard becoming just the second player in NBA history to score 60 or more points three different times in the same season as he continues to keep his team in playoff contention and the Portland Timbers winning a thing. There's still a little bit of time tonight to talk baseball cards, however, so let's dig in.

First up is a few more cards for the Turkey Red 2020 project, courtesy of Card Buzz. I continue to be fascinated by the backgrounds used in this set. Aaron Nola appears to be pitching in front of a sunset amidst some sort of nothingness void.

The onslaught of loaded PWEs continues from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bo managed to (safely) cram 15 cards into one of these envelopes this time, which has to be a record for me. He even made room for Backwards Cap Jimmy!

More Edmonds here, as he's featured on a much classier Donruss Classics design from 2005.

Next up is the Hall of Famer Larry Walker on the virtually unscannable Leaf Certified Materials set, also from 2005.

Bo also sent two different "1st Bowman" Jake Woodford cards, both of which were new to me. Woodford has been on the outer cusp of making the active roster for awhile now, but he's yet to be called upon to join the big club.

The final envelope of the night came from Dodger fan and HOFer collector gcrl. He also sent a few Turkeys, though they are from the 2000s (still needed!)

This Lou Brock card from 2015 Stadium Club is one of the best photos in a set full of great ones. This is still far and away my favorite set of the recent Stadium Club revival run, and part of me wishes that I didn't give up on collecting it so easily.

More 2020 Heritage needs were found in the envelope as well, including this card of top tier National League pitchers.

I've had a lot of luck pulling short print cards from the flagship Topps set this year, including one Cardinals pull (Junior Fernandez). This Paul Goldschmidt becomes my second of these photo variations to enter my collection, which is nice.

We end things with a special All-Star Game stamped card of Big City. I found a few of these in a repack thing not too long ago, which makes me wonder if the same thing happened to gcrl.


  1. Dang Lillard is only the 2nd guy to have three 60 point games in one season. Who is the other? Gotta be Chamberlain, right? Or was it MJ?

  2. I did, in fact, find that matt Adams card in a repack.


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