Monday, August 3, 2020

Retired Players and Prospects

Another PWE roundup features two more envelopes from @BoRosny and another Cardinals collector. 

It's Monday night, so it must be time to check out some more small piles of cards from small packages. Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life! is back again with twice the envelope fun. I just picked out a few things that he sent, all of which featured Cardinals players who are no longer in the game.

This J.D. Drew card is from one of those early '00s Upper Deck sets that used the original 1989 design. I think it's 2002 UD Authentics? Thirteen years doesn't seem like a ton of time to get totally nostalgic about something, except that at this point I'm feeling very nostalgic for 2019.

It's the former All-Star shortstop on the always sharp looking blue bordered 2003 Topps Chrome. If I wasn't trying to stop building sets altogether, I'd probably try to talk myself into building this one, even if it would cost me a fortune. So, yeah... horrible idea.

A young So Taguchi makes an appearance here. Of course, Taguchi entered MLB for the first time in his age 32 season, but he is looking rather youthful here nonetheless.

To top things off from Bo, here's a trio of 1977 Topps card needs. If you're ever looking for something to send me, check my pre-'80s needs. I still need a lot of them because I never made it a priority in my collecting goals for a really long time. Also, even if I do have one of those cards, many of them could use an upgrade.

From All Cardinals All The Time comes more new 2020 Bowman cards to knock off a few more needs. I've mentioned recently that I like what they did with the borders here, and this Nolan Gorman card is another example of this. I think they used this pattern on other parallels as I know I have a "camo paper" parallel that uses the same thing.

These were the last of the "prospects" cards I needed from this set. All I need now are all of the various parallels and a handful of inserts... kind of like a lot of the team sets I've been working on for years!


Bo said...

Yes - '02 Authentic. Glad you like them!

EP said...

Nice PWE return!

Fuji said...

Whoa. Denny was a Cardinal? I remember him with the Indians and Phillies, but I guess 1977 was a little bit before I dove head first into baseball.