Monday, August 24, 2020

Nothing but the Hits


Only the best from @walktheplank82 with some St. Louis style hits.

When the 2020 Topps Archives checklist was announced, one of the first tweets I saw from card collectors was the excitement that Bob Walk made it to the Fan Favorites autograph checklist. Of course, that came from none other than Bob Walk the Plank, who sent me a stash of stuff back towards the beginning of the summer. It's always fun when one of your key players makes it into a set like this. Not that the blog was named after him, but I'm doubting Brendan Ryan will make it onto an autograph checklist in, let's say 2030 Topps Archives.

It's also always fun to get a new Jim Edmonds card, like this very on the nose "Shirt Off My Back" jersey card from 2005 Leaf. Memorabilia cards are still very much a thing now even if they aren't as sought after, but they've tended to veer away from the wacky names for sets like these.

I like this one a lot as well, although I'm suspicious about these so-called dual jersey pieces. They look exactly the same! I'm not sure if I have any other cards of Ankiel pitching for Team USA.

I've never been much of a Gypsy Queen fan, but these on-card autographs look really nice. I'll probably never be a big Stephen Piscotty collector because his time with the Cardinals was cut fairly short, but he's a solid player and I'm glad he got the opportunity he did in moving to Oakland.

This one is a Browns card, so it doesn't quite fit into my usual collection... but... it's really nice looking! And it's a bat card of a Hall of Famer, so it really looks like a keeper. I'll have to read up more on Mr. Ferrell when I get a chance.

Thanks again to Bob Walk the Plank! I hope you're enjoying some quality east coast craft brews when you get the chance.


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