Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Announcements and a Few Pickups

A few things. 
Thanks to a USPS shipping supplies delivery that took more than a month to arrive, I've finally managed to ship out all of the stuff claimed from Free Stuff Fridays over the summer. That means I feel like I can finally do another round. Look for another post this Friday, hopefully.
Erin complained that this photo is really blurry.

After months with no cards on the shelves except Magic and Pokemon, my local Target finally created a tiny little endcap with some new baseball cards on it. I picked up a couple of 2020 Topps Series 2 hanger boxes, as these provide the most bang for your buck if you're a Turkey Red collector. I've made a little dent in the Series 2 checklist, but of course would appreciate any help from anyone who happens to have some extras.
This will probably be heading off to Bob Walk the Plank.

Each box had a short print (is this a thing? I feel like I've pulled at least a half dozen SPs from the 2020 flagship sets) and each also had a numbered card. The Hoskins bubble-blower will likely be headed to bubble-blowing enthusiast Bob, but I don't have anyone in mind for the Kaline yet.
There's nothing more American than Mendick.

I probably need to at least partially walk back what I said about Independence Day themed cards of late. This one lacks appeal to me because it doesn't have that special retro cardfeel to it. Cardfeel is a word I'm going to force into all of the dictionaries, by the way. This is numbered to just 76 copies, though. It's also a rookie card, so that's something.

The second announcement is that I'm going to finally be doing my second Pandemic Panic PWE Free* Group Break of the year. I have been waiting for something interesting (and cheap) to open and distribute since I started one out of boredom back in May. This will have similar rules as the last. I'll have a sign-up post going as soon as I find one more thing to supplement what I found today.

This is also my first post since Google forced its latest Blogger update on me. I'll get used to it, hopefully.


  1. i feel like hanger boxes in the past have provided a photo variation for me as well, but the series 2 hobby box i bought didn't have one. go figure.

  2. I still haven't used the new blogger yet. I really need to. I also need to gather some stuff together for you

  3. Don't know if you've caught the news, but turns out that's not Kaline in the photo.

  4. I do not have a copy of Rhys blowing his bubble yet and it would be greatly appreciated

  5. +1 here for the word cardfeel going into dictionaries across the land!

  6. I did actually catch that Al Kaline story at one point, and it already slipped out of my head. I'm worse than Topps!

  7. First of all, I am looking forward to the items in the Free Friday giveaways. Secondly, glad you were able to find some series 2 Topps. I am willing to help you out with the Turkey Red inserts. I am only collecting the Hall of Famers in this insert. Thanks for all you do for your fellow collectors!

  8. By the way, if you need a home for the Kaline shortprint, I would be interested for my Hall of Fame collection.

  9. Oh good someone already bumped my Kaline post. If you want to make me happy. Send the Kaline as a TTM request to Don Demeter. :p


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