Saturday, August 8, 2020

Free Stuff (Weekend): Vol 8


Back with more stuff. #FreeStuffFriday UPDATED 08/10/2020 7:26 PM PST 

I was too bummed about baseball (and the Cardinals, obviously) to do my promised Free Stuff Friday post yesterday, so it here it is. Think of it as a Free Stuff Weekend. If there's enough response, maybe I'll add some more stuff tomorrow? We'll see!

The rules are the same as always, but if you're new, here it goes. To claim something, you just need to send/have sent something to me (like, just one card is fine) in this calendar year. That's really all I'm looking for. I have want lists. Lots of stuff, I want.

First up is a bunch of cards from the brand new 2020 Topps 206 (wave 2) set. Clearly I had the A's in my break. CLAIMED: Henderson (Piedmont) x2

Two of the Rickeys are 'Piedmont' backs.

I thought my mini page would all scan as one thing, but it didn't. CLAIMED: Musial, Henderson, Howard

The Shih Tzu is pretty adorable.

Some extra Ginters. CLAIMED: Shih Tzu, Dunant
Let me know if you need card numbers.
Get your Tatis cards here. CLAIMED: All the Tatis?!
I believe these are all from Series 2.
So many doubles already, and I've barely cut down my want list. CLAIMED: Glasnow, Williams, Ryan, Bieber, Rivera, Gwynn
Some odd shaped ones and a couple of Orange Big League parallels.
A couple of shiny Chrome cards here. These didn't really fit a particular theme, though. CLAIMED: Carew, NL Wins Leaders, Spahn, AL WHIP Leaders, Roberts, Manush

Mostly familiar names here. CLAIMED: Ball, Durant, Embiid, Curry, Towns

Hosmer is a refractor.
Sunday 8/9 Update: I added more! CLAIMED: Cain, Harper MVP, Crosley Field, Harper DK


  1. Hi Kerry. I'd like the carew and the big league orange parallel featuring Clayton Kershaw. Please and thanks! I've got a pwe on its way to you.

  2. Hey Kerry! Can I request the Lonzo, and the Glasnow Turkey red in a PWE? Shoot me an email if you need to. Thanks!

  3. The Musial T 206 & the the Ted Williams & Nolan Ryan Turkey Red Cards- if possible. Thanks.

  4. Hey Kerry, I would be interested in the Bieber and Rivera Turkey Red inserts please?

  5. Can I add the Warren Spahn Cooperstown card and the orange border AL WHIP leaders card too please?

  6. Hey!! I am interested in the Durant and Embiid. Thanks!

  7. I could use those Tatis cards if still available!

  8. Hi Kerry, may I please have the Shih Tzu and Henry Dunant minis?

    I just got a package from you in the mail this evening (haven't opened it yet, but thank you!!!). I sent a box your way already, so you should be getting that soon.

  9. The A's weren't a bad team to have in that break. I've heard lots of good things about Luzardo on local radio... and you can never go wrong with Rickey.

  10. By the title, I just assumed this would be about National Baseball Card Day, LOL!

  11. This has been updated. I added more stuff!

  12. Wow, lots of great stuff here! I'd be interested in any/all of the following if still available: either of the Henderson 206 minis, Goodwin Howard mini, Turkey Red Gwynn, Lorenzo Cain "Stars of the Game", and the MVP Harper insert. Much thanks, sir!

  13. That Crosley Field card is really nice. Can I claim that, Rafael Soriano, and the Roberts and Manush discs? Thank you!

  14. If it would be possible to get the Stephen Curry, the Karl-Anthony Towns, and the Bryce Harper Diamond King, that would be amazing. Thanks, as always, for your generosity, Kerry.

  15. May I add the Bryce Harper Optic MVP card please?

  16. Updated again.

    Nick: Two of the Rickeys were claimed already, but you'll get the third.

    Bo: I don't have a Rafael Soriano card here. Did you mean to claim something else?

    OhioTim: Nick beat you to the Harper card I'm afraid.

  17. Hi again Kerry:).I would like all of the 3 remaining unclaimed cards from the 3rd 5 card panel posted on the page sent to me.Thanks:).


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