Monday, August 10, 2020

Even More Breaks

Another @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay is loaded with autographs. 

While I was fortunate this week to find some unopened baseball cards in the wild, most of my purchases in the last six months or so have come in the form of group breaks. Last week, another box showed up from Crackin' Wax with the latest results of a week of breaks.


The 2015 Bowman "Asia Edition" was an intriguing slot to buy, mostly because it contains a bunch of exclusives that you can normally only find in... well... Asia. I ended up with two of these black refractor prospect cards.

As promised, there were autographs, like this one of a guy who didn't make it past his age 24 season and topped out in the mid-minors. Still, it's a start!

I have all of the Series 2 that I need (except for those pesky Turkey Reds, of course), but I still snagged a spot for... reasons? I'm not sure. I did get this gold Jordan Hicks parallel and an autograph for my randomly assigned team.

It's interesting that this is a Series 2 card and Trent Grisham is still shown with his former team instead of the Padres. I guess it's because of the length of time needed to get the player to sign the cards (no sticker!) This is headed to my trade box.

I'm always interested in Topps Gold Label, because the cards just look really nice. I believe this was the final Class 1 card I needed from the 2017 product.

Even better is this chunky gold framed Aledmys Diaz autograph, which is numbered to just 75. Amazingly, I already had a Luke Weaver card in this format. These are very luxurious looking, with a solid metal border all the way around the card.

Topps brought back their homage to the T206 set once again this year, only as an online product. I skipped out on the first wave of these because there were no Cardinals in the set at all, but wave two includes Stan the Man and The Wizard.

I ended up with two different Ozzies (one is a Piedmont back), but there was nothing really fancy to see here. These cards are much thinner than the 206 revival from around a decade ago, and all of the cards are tobacco mini-sized.

Rounding things out is easily my top acquisition of the year. Sure, it's a sticker auto, but it's a really nice fancy high end card that includes a bat chunk and everything. I'm not usually much of a Tier One kind of collector, so I was really excited to get this because I probably won't have many opportunities to do something like this again.

I also get to add this to my stash of custom cards of online card people. It's not signed, though. What's up with that?


Matt said...

That Ozzie is sweet! Congrats!

P-town Tom said...

Looks like the custom would be a great opportunity for a successful TTM request. You should try it!

Fuji said...

I'm not the biggest fan of 2020 Topps cards... but Topps 206 cards look nice.

The Lost Collector said...

The Ozzie Smith is cool. Hoping Alex Reyes can put it all together one day.

EP said...

Nice Wizard and Stan the Man!