Tuesday, August 25, 2020

My First Melos

In a weird year, Carmelo Anthony joining the Trail Blazers was at the forefront of weird. 

While it might not be as crazy as finishing out the season in the dog days of summer in a "bubble" in Orlando, if you had told me back in October that future Hall of Famer and completely out of work Carmelo Anthony would end up being one of the key pieces keeping Portland's season afloat, I would have been shocked. It was shocking. It's still kind of shocking.

I finally was able to get a hold of some Melo cards to document the craziness, after buying into a group break on eBay for the elusive Panini Chronicles set. In addition to the base card, I ended up with a teal parallel of his "Prizm Update" card. These Prizm Update cards seem to go for crazy prices online, but everything is crazy right now, especially basketball card prices.

A couple of the cards weren't, you know, Melo, like this teal parallel of the Blazers #1 guy. Only the metal ring around the Chronicles logo is actually teal on these, and it didn't really show up in the scan.

Rookie Nassir Little showed some promise this season, even starting five games, but didn't play in the bubble at all and apparently got hurt. Getting hurt has been an unfortunate theme for these Blazers as they now face elimination tomorrow at the hands of the dastardly Lakers. There's always next year... whenever that happens to be!


The Lost Collector said...

That Prizm is cool. Glad you got a few Melos in a Portland uniform!

Fuji said...

Had to look up the meaning behind Rip City. Interesting jersey.

Billy Kingsley said...

Im glad that Carmelo got the Portland job, and that he's getting cards from it! Him being left out was just terrible.