Friday, March 12, 2004

2010 Topps Heritage

Want List:

427a David Wright
429a Tim Lincecum
430 Ken Griffey Jr.
432 Jermaine Dye
434 Brett Anderson
436 Miguel Tejada
437 Checklist
438 Kurt Suzuki
440 Edinson Volquez
443 Philadelphia Phillies
444 Justin Duchscherer
451 Derek Jeter / Jason Bartlett
454 Corey Hart
459 Neftali Feliz
460 Bobby Abreu
461 Joe Maddon MG AS
463b Atlanta Braves
464 Albert Pujols AS
465 Aaron Hill AS
466 Chase Utley AS
471 Jason Giambi
472 Ichiro Suzuki
473 Miguel Tejada
474 Alex Rodriguez
477 Albert Pujols
478 Jimmy Rollins
482 Jermaine Dye
486 Derek Jeter
492 Ryan Braun AS
494 Yadier Molina AS
495 Roy Halladay AS
497 Mark Buehrle AS
499 Mariano Rivera AS

(Dice Back Variations)
1b Albert Pujols Dice Back SP
2b Joe Mauer Dice Back SP
19b Alex Rodriguez Dice Back
23b Matt Kemp Dice Back
82b Justin Upton Dice Back SP
92b Mark Teixeira Dice Back SP
120b Chipper Jones Dice Back SP
179b Chase Utley Dice Back SP
182b Adam Jones Dice Back SP
193b Daisuke Matsuzaka Dice Back SP
215b Derek Jeter Dice Back SP
233b Ian Kinsler Dice Back SP
244b Ichiro Suzuki Dice Back SP
300b Hanley Ramirez Dice Back SP
371b Victor Martinez Dice Back SP
429b Tim Lincecum Dice Back SP

(Extremely Rare Variations)
1c Albert Pujols All Black Nameplate SP
2c Joe Mauer All Black Nameplate SP
15c Grady Sizemore Red-Green Nameplate SP
55b Pablo Sandoval Yellow-Green Nameplate SP
60b Babe Ruth SP
61b Roger Maris SP
77b J.A. Happ Orange-Blue Nameplate SP
94b Zack Greinke Yellow-Blue Nameplate SP
215c Derek Jeter Red-Yellow Nameplate SP
366b CC Sabathia Green-Yellow Nameplate SP
393b Ryan Braun Blue-Orange Nameplate SP
427b David Wright Green-Yellow Nameplate SP

(New Age Performers)
NAP7 Ichiro Suzuki
NAP8 Derek Jeter
NAP11 Zack Greinke
NAP12 Matt Kemp
NAP13 Miguel Cabrera
NAP14 Mariano Rivera

(News Flashbacks)
NF1 Peace Corps
NF2 John F. Kennedy
NF7 Apollo Program Announce

(Then and Now)
TN5 Mickey Mantle / Adrian Gonzalez
TN7 Whitey Ford / Justin Verlander

[updated 9/4/17]


Cam said...

I have 437. Being as it is only one card, I can throw in cards of your favorite players if we would trade. email me at to trade and check to see my want list

mrtrentd said...

Hi sent you a e-mail lets trade. tks chris

Cam said...

I didn't get an email... send it again?

mrtrentd said...

Sorry cam I was leaving that message for kerry but I will trade with anybody that wants to. Thanks Chris

Play at the Plate said...

Kerry, I'm sending 67 off the wantlist as part of your prize pack!

mrtrentd said...

HI kerry heres my trade for you I would like #35 #132 #160 #215a #280 #282 #423 I will be sending you #1 #6 #118 #248 #258 #277 #352 #442 sp and a goodie bag from years past cardnials. I will send this coming friday. Enjoy tks chris

chris said...

hey your cards are on there way......

mrtrentd said...

Hey kerry thanks for the cards I finished my 425 basic set. The other Giants cards way cool tks again for the trade.