Friday, March 12, 2004

2003 Topps

Series 1:

The following is a list of cards that I am MISSING from this set. I am looking for any and all of these cards:

#13 Andruw Jones
#65 Ron Gant
#131 Geronimo Gil
#169 Jerry Hairston Jr.
#201 Kirk Rueter
#205 Jeromy Burnitz
#217 Tim Wakefield
#250 Nomar Garciaparra
#269 Joel Skinner MG
#279 Frank Robinson MG
#294 Adam LaRoche FY
#299 Sean Pierce FY
#304 Cliff Lee FY
#317 Doug Waechter FY
#318 Derell McCall FY
#323 C.Snelling/S.Choo FS
#328 A.Berroa/A.Gomez FS
#330 J.Rivera/M.Thames FS

Series 2:


The following is a list of cards that I HAVE from this set. I am looking for anything NOT on this list:

T1, T2, T3, T6, T11, T13, T15, T16, T18, T20, T21, T22, T25, T28, T31, T32, T33, T40, T41, T45, T47, T48, T49, T53, T56, T59, T60, T62, T65, T67, T70, T72, T76, T78, T82, T83, T84, T90, T91, T100, T105, T107, T108, T109, T110, T112, T114, T115, T116, T120, T121, T125, T126, T127, T129, T131, T136, T138, T142, T143, T144, T148, T149, T150, T152, T154, T157, T162, T163, T164, T170, T174, T177, T178, T180, T184, T186, T188, T191, T192, T193, T209, T213, T222, T227, T230, T232, T235, T238, T242, T243, T245, T246, T248, T249, T254, T258, T259, T261, T265, T268, T270, T273, T275

[updated 1/23/16]

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