Friday, March 12, 2004

Allen and Ginter

Summary: I am on an endless quest to collect, within reason, every card from every Allen & Ginter set. I am looking for all base cards, inserts, and mini parallels of base cards. I am not looking for any "rip" cards, "rip" card-exclusive minis, autographs or memorabilia cards unless they also fit into my team or player collection needs. Box loaders are always welcome, but I don't usually list them here. See the links below, and as always, email me if you have cards you would like to send me or want cards that I have made available.

Wants and Haves: 


Ken Damon said...

Hello there,

I can knock some cards off of your set want lists. If interested let me know. I collect Cleveland Indians, and some sets. Thanks!!
P.S. I haven't updated blog in a while due to work/family.


madding said...

Sounds great! I'm definitely interested.