Thursday, November 20, 2008

1989 Score Larry McWilliams

I don't really do a Card o' the Day here, or Card 'o the Week, or anything like that. I have a hard time sticking to schedules while I'm doing something like this. So this is just going to be a Card o' the Whenever I Feel Like It. At least, that's what I am calling it until I come up with a catchy name. Got any ideas? I was thinking about The Cards on Cards Card of the Now or possibly Today's Crappy Score Cop-out Post.

Anyway, here's Larry McWilliams. This card has haunted me since I first saw it in its year of issue. It seems like photos have always grabbed my attention more than design, which might explain why cards like this disturbed me more as a young impressionable sort than any pink/chartreuse/neon/purple/silver concoction that companies were coming up with to attract new collectors by end of the 80s and on into the early 90s. Like many short term Cardinals of the 80s, I don't recall ever seeing McWilliams pitch for the Birds on the Bat. ESPN didn't get their baseball contract until 1989 and so prior to that there were really only Cubs, Braves and the occasional network Game of the Week for me to catch. And unless it was the postseason, a three-plus hour long baseball game was rarely ever able to hold my viewing interest. Eventually, I'd have to run outside and throw tennis balls at the wall of my house and dream of my glorious future as a big league pitcher.

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Erin said...

Frankly, that's just sickening.