Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Junk From the Junkie

Free stuff! A week or two ago, on a blog far, far away, there was a post involving some detached and perforated miniature basketball cards and a little "free stuff!" bell rang in my head and I had to jump in. Today I got my free minis (I was able to snag the two Blazers players up for grabs) along with a super snack prize inside!

Check out the huge Donruss George Hendrick card (and the minis for size comparison.) I used to have a ton of jumbo sized cards from the 80s, mostly made by Donruss, but there were also a few Topps which, unlike Donruss, basically used the same design as the base set. I'm not sure what happened to them (they're probably mostly decomposed in a landfill somewhere) but I do remember they were incredibly difficult to store and keep in decent condition. Of course, this described most of my stuff from the mid-80s, because I was a pre-preteen back then, prone to random outbursts and corner dinging.

Travis Outlaw! I wish they still made Topps Total. I love the few cards I've seen of it. This is my first Outlaw card, and at the ripe old age of 24 he is the longest tenured Blazers player. My brother really wants an Outlaw jersey, but they either don't seem to make them or they just don't ever seem to have them in stock at the team shops. I also received a 1990 Upper Deck Cardinals sticker, which is pretty awesome because most of my Upper Deck stickers seem to have either stuck themselves to other things or have just disappeared altogether.

I thought I owned one of these tri-card things that included a Blazers player, but when I checked my Blazers binder tonight it turned out I have 3. When I first started collecting, if you wanted basketball cards you either had to buy packs from this set or the 1986-1987 Fleer set. The Fleer packs were only 50 cents (seriously) and these Topps cards would run you about a buck or so. I think I could have purchased a Bird/Erving/Magic card from this set for around $10-15 at the time, which is why those packs were more than the Fleer. I don't even want to talk about the Fleer, though. Not right now.

Okay, it's time for something happier.

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Brian said...

Jumbo cards truly may even rival today's "they'll collect anything we tell them is collectable" vibe. Still loved them though. I know! Let's make a card bigger! Reminds me of Kelly's, and looking at the previous year's World Series team's solo portraits.