Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trading with Thoughts and Sox

Adam from Thoughts on Sox recently sent some Allen & Ginter doubles my way and threw in some extra Cardinals cards, which are scarce for him being that he lives in the great state of Missouri. I sent a few things he was looking for his way as well as some extra Red Sox (goodness knows I have too many of those) and I thought I'd show a few cards that got my attention. First up is some extra-shiny Ron Gant Upper Deck-affiliated card from who knows what set. The fact that I have no idea what was going on with anything in the gawdy mid-to-late 90s era of trading cards makes blind-ish trades like these all the more fun. Who knows what these people were thinking when they came up with most of these designs. I bet a lot of those people are in completely different fields of work these days.

1998 Skybox Dugout Access - Mark McGwire (Here is Mark McGwire, proud American citizen. This is one of the flimsiest cards I've ever touched. There is some tiny photo of Tom Pagnozzi on the back, talking about how many trillions of HRs McGwire hits into the upper deck. I love getting McGwire Cardinals cards in trades because it means I didn't have to spend any money on him.)

2005 Bazooka - Jim Edmonds (This is the first time I've seen a 2005 Bazooka card, and it's another Edmonds card that I didn't have. I also got a Chris Carpenter card from this set. Nice!)

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights - Cesar Izturis (This was my first card from this year's Updates & Highlights. I've since purchased a bunch of packs, which I have been reluctant to post about so far.)

2006 Topps - ??! (What is this? This guy never played for St. Louis, outside of some spring training nonsense, and has never played in MLB since. This card was shocking, to say the least. This definitely goes into the Little PhotoShop of Horrors file.)

As mentioned above, the starting point of the trade was my 2008 Allen & Ginter Want List. Here are a few of the cards that are filling holes in my set:

James Loney ("Loney Baloney" is what Erin calls him.)

Marie Curie (Well, she died doing what she loved... or because of it, I guess.)

Bruce Jenner (I was fond of Bruce Jenner while growing up because of a video game: Bruce Jenner's Olympic Decathlon for the Apple ][. It eventually led to me doing a book report on him or something.)

Make sure you check out Thoughts on Sox, even though it's all about that team from Boston that ESPN loves.


  1. Loney Baloney?!! C'mon. There's nothing baloney about him.

    I know the feeling about all those mid-to-late '90s sets. I'm oblivious to the whole scene. Although I'm getting a bunch of cards from that period, so I'm getting smarter. (A lot of them were god-awful).

  2. It's a loving form of baloney/bologna. Not the icky kind.

    He has what I like to call an "unfortunate name." There are many people who possess these.


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