Friday, November 14, 2008

Gadzooks, it's Bazooka!

I found a couple of 2006 Bazooka packs in the Target bargain bin awhile back. These have been some of my favorite packs to get in repack boxes, mostly because of the weirdness factor and variety of cards that you get, I suppose. Each pack contains a blue "fortune" card which look exactly like the regular cards but have a "fortune" on the bottom of the front of the card. Each pack also contains a "gold chunk" card, which is as thick as some jersey cards. There are other fairly easy to attain inserts as you'll see later.

Pack 1:

146 - Aubrey Huff Blue Fortune (Actually, the "fortune" is the same on every card. Read it at your own risk.)

22 - Jermaine Dye Gold Chunk (The chunks are actually glossy on the back for some reason, but not anywhere else.)

18 - Alex Rodriguez Comic (The comics are card-sized but are very thin and translucent. They are certainly hilarious, though. Wait, where's the punch line here?)
168 - Geoff Jenkins

129 - Zack Greinke (Greinke is a pretty good pitcher. I wonder how long he'll stay with the Royals. As you can see, the card backs have a "comic"-style font.)
28 - Torii Hunter

157 - David Eckstein (One thing I always appreciated about Eckstein is how he would put maximum effort into everything.)
170 - Marcus Giles

Pack 2:

185 - Carl Pavano Blue Fortune (I like blue cards, but not enough to show Mr. Pavano)

205 - Anthony Reyes Gold Chunk (Ah, the gold chunky prize! This is going to end up in Erin's collection, though.)

5 - Roy Oswalt Comic (Yeah, yeah, I know... he's an Astro. But comics are rad, especially this one. The comics are supposed seeded at 1:4, but I got one in each pack.)

65 - Orlando Hernandez (It's a photoshopped El Duque.)
54 - Hank Blalock (There is only one Bla(y)lock for me, and his name is Mookie.)
64 - Jeromy Burnitz (Eh, Cub.)
59 - Paul Lo Duca
213 - Ryan Garko (RC)

Well, there you have it. I think these cards have a pretty simple clean design and are just weird enough to make me interested. If this set had come out when I was a kid, though, I probably would have used some of the chunks as weapons or something.

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Dinged Corners said...

The Redlegs cartoon almost has a touch of meanspiritedness in it rather than the usual pablum attempt at humor, so it's kind of interesting.