Thursday, November 26, 2009

Night Owl Post

Sometimes the hardest part of writing these posts, particularly trade posts, is coming up with a title. This time I was going for a Harry Potter reference, but it wasn't really working. These cards are from Night Owl Cards, and I'm already working on a decent stack of Dodgers to send across the country to this Dodgers fan in New York.

Dal Maxvill was a lousy GM, but I like the action photo on this 1971 Topps card a lot.

This card is great. I've been jealous of all of the great-looking cards that people have posted lately from group breaks of this set.

Night Owl was one of two people recently to send this Ryan Ludwick SP card from this year's Allen & Ginter. This is very convenient, as I'm one of those team collectors who collects the occasional set or two and actually need two copies of certain cards that fit into both categories.

I really like the regular 2000 Upper Deck set, so these Gold Reserve cards are kind of fun to get. I'm not sure if these were parallels inserted into regular packs or if it was a set of its own. I also received Pat Hentgen, Edgar Renteria and everyone's favorite guy, J.D. Drew.

More Pujols. I don't have a lot of Goodwin cards and I don't really plan on buying any packs, so I like to receive these. (Not pictured: Ryan Ludwick.)

Jose Cruz was a Cardinal? How did I not know this? I'm hoping this is one of those things I always knew that just sort of leaked out of my brain one night when I fell asleep on the couch watching bad TV.

Even more Albert Pujols! Apparently Upper Deck took "X" to the next level by putting out X5 inserts. Last year's stuff did not progress beyond the X4 stage. And if you don't know what that means, don't worry, because I don't really have the answers for you either. This set won't be missed. I appreciate the shiny rare insert card, though!

And lastly, here's Mark McGwire. This is from an Ovation insert set called Remarkable, I believe. Big Mac certainly is remarkable. He's a lot of other words to other people as well, but he built a lot of great memories in the Birds on the Bat as well as with Oakland. It'll be interesting to see how this whole hitting coach thing plays out.

Thanks again to Night Owl, who always gets first priority for any Dodgers I pull. Lord knows I pull enough of them...

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night owl said...

Yeah, Gold Reserve was a seperate set. God knows why.

I'm glad someone is pulling Dodgers!